Best Music Podcasts 2011

I’ve compiled a short list for the Best Music Podcasts 2011. There are lots a great music podcast out there to choose from and I subscribe to a handful of favorites plus scan others for gems and of course get recommendations from fellow techno music enthusiasts on some of their favorite music podcast as well. Choosing the best music podcasts for the year is quite a task. The following don’t just contain great music from the best djs and electronic music producers, but these were podcasts that really made an impression on my music tastes throughout 2011 and have either stayed in the best music podcasts playlist for quite some time or I envision will continue to stay in the playlist for sometime to come.

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Best Music Podcast 2011 RA 286 Xhin

RA Podcast 286 Xhin

Xhin – RA.286 [2011-11-21]

This is a brilliant podcast from Xhin on arguably the most influential and diverse electronic music podcast series out, the Resident Advisor (RA) Podcast. The Sigapore producer not only captured his current style in this mix but the current style of techno; an artfully crafted blend of thumping, idm and broken-beat techno music. Xhin showcased a few of his tracks from his recent album, some “past influential ones” and what really makes this one of the best music podcasts 2011 are the out-of-left-field track selections that blend so well with the beefy techno that compiles a majority of the set. Although Xhin has been in the electronic music game for quite some time the past few years may have been game changing. He was featured in Resident Advisor’s breaking through series late last year and 2011 saw a full length album entitled Sword on Stroboscopic Artefacts which has beautifully crafted sound design featuring: ambient, idm, downtempo and floor stompin techno all wrapped into a cohesive package.

Best Music Podcast 2011 Electric Deluxe 059 Kyle Geiger

Electric Deluxe Podcast : 059 : Kyle Geiger

Electric Deluxe Podcast 059 Kyle Geiger by electric deluxe

What else can I say about this mix other than… it’s the shit! First off the Electric Deluxe Podcast is my favorite music podcast out. Why? Because it’s so unpredictable and interesting to listen to. You get an outstandingly diverse mix of electronic music, present and past, which I have yet to see matched on any other podcast series. You may think you know a djs style or interests, then you hear their Electric Deluxe Podcast and get totally floored. This particular mix by Kyle Geiger is relatively short as far as the podcast series go, but it truly is one of the best music podcasts 2011 becuase it has everything: electronica, ambient, hip-hop, pop, alternative, and yes even a little techno. Amon Tobin, Afrika Bambaataa, Atmosphere, Boards of Canada, Nine Inch Nails, Underworld, Prince (Yes, Prince) all peppered with cuts from Autechre and much more.

Best Music Podcast 2011 D Node 122 Function Regis Sandwell District

D-Node 122 Podcast: Function + Regis at Interface 26 | Sandwell District

This mix from techno music legends Function and Regis (Sandwell District) was actually recorded in 2009 at Interface in Los Angeles. Droid Behavior resurfaced the mix on the D-Node Podcast in 2011 for those that missed the show and original recording. This is one of the best music podcasts 2011 because it captured the live aspect of Sandwell District so well at what probably will be considered the height of their career performing together.

Best Music Podcast 2011 Electric Deluxe 043 ADMX-71

Electric Deluxe Podcast : 043 : ADMX-71 (Adam X)

Electric Deluxe Podcast 043 ADMX-71 (Adam X) by electric deluxe

The past few years have been great for Adam X (and well deserved I might add). In 2009 he anonymously introduced Traversable Wormhole to the techno music world and they received it with open arms. In 2010 he unveiled his anonymity an re-released the originally vinyl only Traversable Wormhole digitally on CLR along with remixes from some of techno music’s heaviest hitters. He also had two solid releases as Adam X; one with Ancient Methods on his own Sonic Groove label and another on Prologue. In 2011 he has continued releasing vinyl only Traversable Wormhole and hashed out another great podcast as well. For the best music podcasts 2011 Adam resurrects his ADMX-71 moniker and breaks out some extremely dark electronica and industrial grooves that bring me back to my electronic music roots. Hopefully they steer you to a darker side you never knew exsisted.

Best Music Podcast 2011 RA 257 OVR

RA Podcast 257 O/V/R

Regis made his way onto the best music podcasts 2011 twice with two separate collaborations. O/V/R includes Karl O’Conner (Regis) and James Ruskin, two of my long standing techno music idol influences. This set was recorded in Berlin and is a live interpretation of the O/V/R sound. The first few tracks are very atmospheric and minimal – from there it’s the undeniable sound of Ruskin and Regis; including O/V/R original tracks and remixes, solo efforts from the duo and various tracks from both Ruskin’s Blueprint label and Regis’ Sandwell District. Ruskin told Juno Plus earlier this year the live shows “tend to swing between structure and total chaos,” but you could never interpret that from this calculated banger.

Best Music Podcast 2011 CLR 128 Dadub

CLR Podcast | 128 | Dadub

Dadub, Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti, are Berlin-based dub-techno innovators from Italy. They are a completely live act and this best music podcasts 2011 was recorded live at the Melt! festival in Germany. They’ve done several remixes starting in 2010 and a sole original release, Monad VIII, in 2011 all on Stroboscopic Artefacts. Though they are a reletively new act they take their sound very seriously and also run a mastering studio in which all the Stroboscopic Artefacts music is ran through. Look for great, new style dub-techno from Dadub in the near future.

Stroposcopic Artifacts

Best Music Podcast 2011 RA 255 Lucy

RA Podcast 255 Lucy

RA Podcast 255 by lucy

Lucy started Stroboscopic Artefacts in 2009 after releasing his music on various labels for a few years and I couldn’t be happier. It is absolutely my favorite label right now and in my opinion hosts some of the most innovative talent in current techno music. Lucy keeps this best music podcast 2011 nice and light to start – tossing in some dubstepish sounds and building into the signature Stroboscopic sound of broken-beat dub-techno: IDM, electronica, drone and dancefloor all in one.

Best Music Podcasts 2011

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