Best Music Podcasts 2013

Again we’ve compiled a list for the Best Music Podcasts 2013. To define our focus we like to concentrate on podcast series, not just one off mixes.  As with the Best Podcasts 2012 Part 1 and Part 2 we’ve also added a few promotional mixes not published within a podcasts series that we thought deserved some attention. We also ensure within this list are lasting mixes, ones that not only impress us on the first listen, but every listen throughout the year.

Unlike previous years these techno podcasts of 2013 are not ordered by the release date. This list was constructed by priority as more of a macro mix with each podcast adding a certain flavor, sound, or mood.

Don’t see your favorite music podcast of 2013 on the list? Leave us a comment we’d love to hear from you.


Smoke Machine Podcast 069 – Rrose

Since Rrose first made his way onto the scene with one of the final releases on the infamous Sandwell District label, Rrose X Bob Ostertag Motormouth Variations, he’s been a predominate force carrying on the essence of the Sandwell District sound and mystique better then anyone else could have. This mix is full of deep, brooding techno that is a true epitome of a well-crated Rrose set.

Not only did I greatly enjoy this mix from Rrose but another mix snuck into my favorite electronic music podcasts for 2013 right at the wire, also again from Rrose, and it’s just as good if not better. There was no need to decide. The only right choice was to include them both. This one comes from the Electronic Explorations podcast which has been churning out good mixes from a number of artists. This one is a continuation in their Warehouse Sessions. Also a great concept and worth checking out.

Electronic Explorations – 296 – Rrose (Warehouse Sessions 010)


Boiler Room Berlin 019 – Kangding Ray

Kangding Ray produces absolutely amazing and unique techno. I’ve been a fan since his debut album Automne Fold on Raster-Noton. His sound has matured since then, moving away from the vocal sampled electronica into more dance floor ready techno while still maintaining his unique sound. His second album OR was simply a masterpiece and he has found quite a home for a string of releases and remixes on the Stroboscopic Artifacts label. This best techno podcast of 2013 is a live set from Boiler Room Berlin and it adds a whole new appreciation for his music and style. I’ve also added the video of the live performance as well.


Smoke Machine Podcast 084 – Rødhåd

Another podcast of deep, dare I say dystopian, techno from the Dystopian boss himself Rødhåd. A truly great listening mix that is so smooth and seamless you will loose yourself in the sound only to realize you’ve just spent the last seventy minutes drifting in and out not wanting a moment to end.


Pole Group Radio – Exium

This mix from the Spanish collective label PoleGroup, headed by Oscar Mulero, comes from production and performance duo Exium. The track list is all Exium music mostly derived from their LP A Sensible Alternative to Emotion, also released on PoleGroup, and other remixes and unreleased material. The album, as well as the podcast, is an amazing collection of deep, yet hard hitting techno that the members of PoleGroup are known for. The mix and album represent a small shift in the style of techno released from Mulero’s camp. Beginning with Mulero’s 2012 Black Propaganda album on Warm Up Recordings he introduced a much deeper, muted version of the hard-as-nails techno they’ve released in the past. This is also shift in techno noted across many labels and producers of today, as it is heavily represented with this list of best music podcasts 2013.


Electronic Explorations 271 – Dadub

Dadub, also featured on the Best Music Podcasts 2012, have carved out a nice niche within the techno community. Being the soul mastering studio behind every release on Stroboscopic Artifacts, their touch can be found on some of the best techno released over the last few years. In addition to mastering work, their original productions are something to be revered. Their 2013 album You Are Eternity, also on Stroboscopic Artifacts, represents that style honorably.

Dadub’s music is extremely well-crafted yet sometimes I find it hard to fit into sets simply because of the complexity. Yet the masters themselves beautifully construct this live mix of original material. Remember when tribal techno was a buzz word in the early 2000’s? A lot of techno that was dubbed ‘tribal’ that was full of hand drums and samples supposedly giving it a pure, earthly form to dance music. Yet most techno labeled tribal fails to truly embrace a raw tribal sound. To me, with their mutli-layered drums, muted highs and lack of traditional high hat, snare, kick patterns, Dadub is the closes thing to tribal techno I’ve ever heard. If you want a mix that embodies the Dadub sound, this is it.


Modyfier Process Part 360 – Ludovic Vendi

Here’s where we take a notable turn within our macro mix of the best podcasts 2013. In typical fashion I lean toward the Modyfier podcast series to bring us somewhere left-field. This mix coming from deep, minimal, experimental producer/dj Ludovic Vendi. At just over 3 hours 16 minutes this mix has room to go just about anywhere it needs to… and takes full advantage. With a tracklist from Nils Fhram, John Beltran, Autechre, Apparat, Thom Yorke, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Sigur Rós, to Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth, to Aphex Twin, Monolake, and Telefon Tel Aviv – it has moments of epic sadness, nostalgia, funk and beauty – a wonderful collection of songs and artists viable for many occasions.  


FACT – Weatherall Mix – Asphodells General 320

The Weatherall Mix – Asphodells General 320 via FACT continues down our journey and like its predecessor differs very much from the remainder of the best podcast list. Diving in bouts of new wave, down-tempo, trip-hop, and deep house this mix has a fun, retro feel that keep me coming back listen after listen.

Best Live DJ Mixes 2013


Material Object @ Tresor 23 March 2013

Moving onto our best live dj mixes not included within a podcast series we start off with a doozy. I’ve heard many other beautiful ambient, deep and dubby live sets from Material Object from 2013. I choose this one as one of our Best Live Dj Mixes 2013 because you can just feel the energy of the party in this set. Complete with the occasional hoots and background chatter from the legendary Tresor, Berlin. Every time I listen I find myself bouncing and fist-pumping as if I where right in front of him live. Yes, the majority of mixes we choose for the best podcasts are great listening mixes, and this one is no different, it excels at representing a vehicle that is absolutely necessary to techno – that sweaty, dark venue with pounding bass, good vibes and true unity among the crowd.


Project 313 @ Communion 7/21/13

Project 313 also made the Best Music Podcasts 2012 Part 1. And again, maybe for similar reasons theie set from Minneapolis in 2012 captured our attention, this live set from Communion (also in Minneapolis) has made its way onto 2013. This set represents the deeper, smoother techno that has taken hold of a good portion of this macro mix for 2013. The first thirty minutes is purely atmospheric, preparing the audience for the remainder of the hour and forty five minute set. They do of course build into peeks of heavier waves, only to crash into valleys of deep techno. Project 313 has also been billed for the Movement 2014 festival, following up their performance there in 2012.

You can find the entire playlist of the Best Podcasts 2013 on Soundcloud.

Best Music Podcasts 2013

3 thoughts on “Best Music Podcasts 2013”

  1. Hey, this is a great list! I’ll be listening to the half that I haven’t heard yet right away. Some others I loved last year were the Surgeon 2 hour Boiler Room set. He called it “drone and bass”. I love the fact that he can keep surprising me after all these years.

    Abdulla Rashim’s Live PA at Berghain. He isn’t normally one of my favorites; his stuff is just a little too subdued for me usually. But this set really gets me.

    Jahiliyya Fields live on WFMU. Squelchy and weird. Love it.

    Zadig Invite’s Choice 139 is probably the most “classic techno” sounding one here.

    Craig McWhinney Electric Deluxe 107. The most compelling mixes of the new wave of difficult techno(ish) stuff I’ve heard so far.

    Urb Presents Cassegrain. Just a touch more colorful than their usual pristinely grey mixes.

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