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Here’s our Best Music Podcast 2012 Part 2, focusing only on the second half of the year. Check out the Best Music Podcasts Part 1 for the first six months of 2012. To define our focus we like to concentrate on podcast series, not just one off mixes. Though as in part 1 we’ve added a new section at the bottom that includes free promotional dj mixes not available on a podcast series. We also ensure these are lasting mixes, ones that not only impress us on the first listen, but every listen throughout the year. We also will admit to possibly not listening to every music podcast from 2012, so if have some suggestions on sets that did not make it on the list, please – leave us a comment. These podcasts are ordered according to release date and podcast series.

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MNML SSGS MX FNL – Donato Dozzy

2012 Best Podcast mnml ssgs donato dozzy

This mix from Donato Dozzy, along with mixes from Svreca, Morphosis, Bill Kouligas and Peter Van Hoesen marked the end of a legacy. These were the final mixes from the MNML SSGS mix series as well as the blog itself, which found it’s way as a respected electronic music blog with a number of loyal readers over the years. Upon starting this mix I was expecting to hear the deep, beautiful, atmospheric techno the Italian producer is known for. What I found was delightfully unexpected and much more than I anticipated. This best music podcast 2012 is a mix of strictly hand drums vocals – and I’m a sucker for well crafted hand drum sets.

RA.324 Untold

2012 Best Podcast ra 324 untold

Untold is now known as one of the UK’s most vital DJs, producers and label managers. This made it onto the best music podcasts for 2012 because it’s a stellar mix with loads of outstanding recent techno cuts: none shining more than that of his own tracks, most notably ‘Motion The Dance’ and ‘Luminous’ from the Change In A Dynamic Environment series on his own Hemlock Recordings label.

RA.327 Vessel

2012 Best Podcast ra 327 vessel

Sit back and take a journey with this best music podcast of 2012. When you awake confused and disoriented and your recent memories seem like distant dreams you’ll know you’ve entered the mind of Vessel and seen just where this new project is headed musically.

Headphone Commute – wndfrm – Live At Decibel Festival

2012 Best Podcast wndfrm live decibel fest

Before hearing this live set from Decibel Festival 2012 I’d never heard of wndfrm, the experimental/ambient/minimalist sound from Portland’s Tim Wescott, yet I’ve been in awe of it ever since. It’s airy, atmospheric sound blended into dub techno is a perfect fit for Seattle’s annual festival of electronic music, performance, visual art and new media. Also check out the Headphone Commute – Decibel 2012 Showcase for a sample of more brilliant sounds from the festival this year.

CLR Podcast | 183 | Marcel Fengler

2012 Best Podcast marcel fengler clr podcast

Marcel Fengler may be my current top techno Dj. Which is saying quite a lot given he shares a residency at the legendary Berghain club with the likes of Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock just to name a few. It really just comes down to Fengler’s taste in music. Every set I hear he’s playing the same techno and electronica tracks I just bought and even in this age of digital djing, syncing, auto beatmatching and midi controllers, it still is really just about the basics –  what makes a good Dj is his passion, track selection and connect with the listener.

Blank Code Podcast 071 – Ian Lehman

2012 Best Podcast ian lehman Blank Code Podcast 071

This mix from Ian Lehman on the podcast series from my good friends at Blank Code is a dangerous and diverse blend while staying true to techno purists. It made it to the best music podcast 2012 list simply because I connected with it more than any other on Blank Code’s dedicated weekly podcast. Speaking of dangerous and pure check out Blank Code’s latest release BCR003 Mutate – Circle 2 EP, probably their most soulful release as of yet.

Electric Deluxe Podcast : 083 : Adam X

2012 Best Podcast adam x electric deluxe podcast

I don’t need to say much about Adam X or the Electric Deluxe Podcast as I’ve written plenty about both throughout this blog and his Electric Deluxe Podcast from last year as ADMX-71 landed on our Best Music Podcasts 2011. I just love his taste and roots in industrial music as they mirror mine so closely.

EPM Podcast #35 – The Fear Ratio

2012 Best Podcast the fear ratio epm 35

As EPM perfectly stated “The Fear Ratio (AKA James Ruskin & Mark Broom) deliver a mix of twisted electronic genius.” This mix made it on the Best Music Podcasts 2012 because simply put, it’s a history lesson in electronic music  – containing not only present day heavyweights such as Shed, Rob Hood and The Fear Ratio themselves but lots of gems from the Warp and Ninja Tune labels such as Aphex Twin, Autechre and Squarepusher. Mixing a generation of electronica and techno as well as hip hop from Gang Starr might prove to be a nightmare for a lesser experienced duo, but they pull it off beautifully making this an extremely memorable set.

Best Promotional DJ Mixes 2012

Xhin @ The Vault, Singapore

2012 Best dj mix xhin live

I suspect Xhin let it all hang out whist playing for this hometown crowd in Singapore. This live Dj Mix can only be described as a new-age, digital speed garage as he blends segments of Depeche Mode and even Whitney Houston over a slew of electronic music genre’s while also tossing in the signature style of techno he has become known for. This mix is quite different from any I’ve heard from Xhin before and is eerily reminiscent of an early Dj Dan mix tape – with, of course, new sounds and flavors.

Best Music Podcast 2012

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  1. January 14, 2013    

    wow, i am REALLY honoured to be included in this list, thank you so much. to see my set right up there with fengler, vessel, dozzy, untold, etc.. etc.. is quite inspiring!! thank you so much for listening.

    if you like, i have a longer set uploaded now, from a more recent performance. it’s along similar lines.


    thanks again, i’m a bit speechless!



    • January 14, 2013    

      It’s a great set. Wish I could have seen it live. Thank Headphone Commute as well, I never would have been introduced otherwise. Will check out the new set as well and give it some love. Thanks.

      • January 14, 2013    

        thanks! yes, i have thanked headphone commute to the boundaries of decency, hehe! it was really nice of HC to host my set, i’m glad to support blogs that let the music do the talking!!

  2. GoodPodcasts
    October 19, 2013    

    Not all the podcasts on my list will be relevant for you as they aren’t all electronica, but hopefully you’ll find something you like!


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