Stream Peter Van Hoesen: Entropic City

The remaining six tracks from Peter Van Hoeson‘s debut album, Entropic City are available to stream on the album’s microsite or via Peter’s soundcloud. Don’t forget, you can currently download the Variable_Parts_EP for free.

5. “Terminal” (5.55) Peter comes proper with this track. A nice low, driving bass line guiding the kicks. A much deeper addition then the “Terminal – Markov Layout” we were introduced to on the Variable_Parts_EP. At 2.32 Peter automates a higher pitch on the kick only to drop it to a sub-pounding level; an interesting break that leads to an impressive remainder. This one keeps the woofers warm and the crowd beggin for more. Nice.

6. “Testing A Simulacrum” (4.39) reverts back to the albums easy, going feel. It seems quite out of place nestled between these heavy hitters and is much better suited on the B side of an Orb release.

7. “Strip It, Boost It” (5.58) sees a much lighter tone then the Dub version on the Variable_Parts_EP. Though more dynamic, the quirky sounds and chirps fail to break through.

8. “Quartz#1” (5.56) is the danger. A funky groove incorporating live bass guitar slaps that’s so mean you can’t help but bob your head. Nuff said.

9. “Colony/Return Of The Object” (6.11) moves into the dub techno arena with an icing of metallic glitch. White noise melts through the crevasse of broken beats to create a sticky, gooey mess so tasty Oscar Mulero’s mouth is watering.

10. “Defense Against The Self” (5.28) starts out pretty basic and parallels for the remainder of the track. It’s spaciness adds great depth and usefulness but the peaks fails to climb out of the clouds.

As suspected, Van Hoesen picked up the pace and lowered the bass for the majority of these last 6 tracks. Peter has assembled an extremely solid techno album: showcasing a variety of styles with confidence, adding to an already respectable roster of tracks. A clear purchase for any teched.

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