Free Track(s) Friday: Peter Van Hoesen, Variable_Parts_EP

Peter Van Hoesen has a lot going on right now. In about a couple months he will be releasing his debut album, Entropic City, (3/22) and start a residency at Fuse in Brussels. Till then, he’s giving away this latest release, Variable_Parts_EP, for free. The EP includes three retakes of tracks by Van Hoesen and one new track. But that’s not it, on February 8th, Time To Express will release a four track EP, Entropic Minus Six, including some of the album’s hardest tracks. That very day, streaming tracks from the album will start appearing on the Entropic City website. Two tracks will be added each week, until March 15 when you can stream the entire album.

Variable Parts EPVariable_Parts_EP starts with “Face of Smoke – Casual Reconstruction,” commencing with a deep kick and atmospheric undertones. The sample fades and is replaced with spaced out stabs and cuts and a looming pad; only to be submersed by various clacks and taps surrounded by echoing samples. The 9 minute track stays interesting with moderation, constantly fading samples in for a few then fading them back to the abyss. The EP’s most dynamic rivaling a deep techno cut from off Blueprint.

“Strip It Boost It – Entronic Dub” is the dubbed out follow up track with a strong snare that resonates with building samples, intriguing highs and plenty of sound effect stabs throughout. 1:25 into the track Peter drops a deeper kick with a keen wink, only to strip the track back to its celestial roots just over a minute later. The track turns out quite groovy.

“Terminal – Markov Layout” drives quickly into the night with acidic bass line and building highs. A much more straight forward track with short, muted break downs and an emerging second wave Detroit techno sound that could have been plucked from a T-1oo0 set in the mid to late 90’s.

The new work on the EP is “Second Law,” Van Hoesen’s other side. A creepy, cinimatic track worthy enough to stand next to recent soundscapes from Monolake. Complete ambient techno with voice recordings and cold mechanical air.

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