Stream Peter Van Hoesen: Entropic City

The first four tracks from Peter Van Hoeson‘s debut album, Entropic City are available to stream on the album’s microsite or via Peter’s soundcloud. Don’t forget, you can currently download the Variable_Parts_EP for free.

1. “Intro Entropy” (7.54) – A slow pounding groove that follows a 1.15 soundscape resembling the realization of the repetitious blaring of a horn deep in the distance… as you’re coming off nitrous hit. The track slowly adds muted kicks for snares while echoed pads swirl from channel to channel and a delayed stab adds epic depth. The first impression reminds me of cleaned up version of “Prologue” leading into “Soulseek,” the eerily slow intro from Chris Liebing and Andre Walters’s 2003 album, Evolution.

2. “Republic” (6.03)  – Growling, rolling bass accented by stabs and a classic Beltram tech snare. 1.53 introduces a heavy, dark pad that leads the track drearily throughout the remainder. A decent start but this track needs more; failing to grasp my undivided enthusiasm.

3. “Closing The Distance / Toy Universe” (7.15)  – Van Hoeson picks up the pace here a bit as demonstrated in a majority of his previous single tracks and EPs. A single lead note accompanies the track throughout, changing key shortly during the break. Synthy techno peers out about 2.13, resembling a heavily pitched down history piece by the likes of Marco Corola or Gaetano Parisio. The track really starts to groove after the break: a nice early morning after party track to help wind down. Although while listening, through quality headphones on my laptop, I keep reaching for the invisible pitch fader to speed it up a bit; in preparation for a cliff-hanging mix with a proper Italian techno track.

4. “Dystopian Romance” (6.23) – A spacy track that gently fades back and forth whilst still pushing you forward with a driving kick. A healthy dose of quick stabs and samples keeps it interesting until 2.20 when the highs hit and make this a definite dance floor groove. This is by far the most dynamic track so far and leads my to believe the next set of streams will balance out the slow beginning of this record well.

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