Vitalic, Flashmob

Finally, officially released in the US… Vitalic, Flashmob is out today (11/3) on Different.

If your heavy into  electro, disco, aggressive bass lines or dance pop this album is sure to please. Tracks such as “Poison Lips” will undoubtedly bring a new crowd to Vitalic’s fan base and convince ol’ school dance addicts to explore further into the album… while bringing dark, electro-heads into a euphoric dance club state. “Chicken Lady” combines grimy 8-bit video-gamish sounds, razor-sharp bass and comedic vocal samples for a silly but extremely danceable track. “Your Disco Song,” the albums single, borders on a club killer from Daft Punk that begs for peak play but doesn’t leave you feelin used and exploited. “One Above One” mirrors the likes of Ladytron as straightforward bass flows freely through delicate female vocals. “Still” gets more IDM and shows Vitalic’s keen sense of melody and charming vocal edits and effects. “Terminateur Benelux” pushes you forward with solid bass and far-out synths adding movements with edits and accurately place vocal stabs. The track is then chopped at the limbs in preperation of a funky breakdown… only to mold this beast back into a full fledged killer. The tantalizing subtle nature of “Allen Dellon” begs for peace as the synthy tones are plucked out of a scenic shot from a late ’80s sci-fi action flick.

Vitalic has blown me away with this album, a follow up to his much praised 2005 debut Ok Coyboy; an album that left my tastes in need of a pallet rinse.  Flashmob is a perfect blend interesting electro, fun dance tracks, crushed low-fi samples and production edits that keep you guessing. A must have.

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