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First things first… twilight_frequencies would like to thank all of its readers for a wonderful 2009! We expanded our talent by adding Ryan Boos to the roster, a new contributor focusing on indie music reviews, film, interviews and the latest from up and coming artists.  This gave us the opportunity to extend our content and the ability to discover new artists all over the world.

In doing so, we found reasons to bring you more information within a brand new environment. We soon will be introducing new writers and new topics. Our “Gust of Wind” album review series will continue but will extend its reach to a larger variety of bands; it will cover album releases as well as weekly recommendations from unknown artists. “Free Track Fridays” will also continue with greater frequency and loads of new music to discover.

To get started, twilight_frequencies we’ll have a brand new site design shortly after 2010 with new focus on additional content and interactivity. In addition to the daily activities of the blog, we will be bringing you a new series on of interviews with Filmmakers. In 2009 twilight_frequencies conducted our first one-on-one interview; it’s our goal to ask more questions in 2010 to open up the lines of communication between artists of all kinds and their potential fan base. Send us your work, we’ll take a look and do our best to honestly and objectively digest and review it.

2010 will also see the release of new music from twilight_frequencies very own writers.  The founder of the blog, BlakeAndrew will have a brand new release in 2010 available for download and a limited number of CDs. The yet-to-be-titled release should be available in a number of major online music retailers and on

2010 will also see the release of Ryan Boos’s musical project Visual Tango. There will be a limited number of CDs for purchase, which will include cover art by OlioTree designs. The music will also be available on MP3 and there will be a Video Premier for the song “Anytime Clementine,” which is being created by Michael Peters of   Throughout the year Blake and Ryan will release their own music, along with different pieces of collaboration. Excitement is sure to endure.

twilight_frequencies is evolving into more than a place to learn about music, technology and culture. It’s becoming a home for artists to be genuinely heard, respected and valued. Join the community, share your work, and have fun.

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