Trentemoller, ‘Sycamore Feeling’ Free Music Friday


Download the lead single, ‘Sycamore Feeling’,  from Danish electronic. idm artist Trentmoller‘s new album The Great Wide Yonder. This version of the track, featuring Marie Fisker, is Trentmoller’s own remix edit. You can get the original version and additional remixes by: Gui Boratto, Thomas Schumacher, Mofus and a radio edit on the just released single ‘Sycamore Feeling’. The Great Wide Yonder (6/1/2010) is a follow up to 2006’s The Last Resort and promises a more organic and analog sound.

Download Trentemoller feat. Marie Fisker – ‘Sycamore Feeling’ (Trentemoller remix edit)
Download the ‘Sycamore Feeling’ Single Release

Into The Great Wide Yonder

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3 thoughts on “Trentemoller, ‘Sycamore Feeling’ Free Music Friday”

  1. Free Music is great… as long as the artist is giving it away. Support your favorite music by supporting the artists who make it. Music is cheap these days and when you pay, you get quality music and extras. Not to mention a clear conscious and no upcoming legal battles.

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