Torq 1.5, Update to Digital Dj Software

One of the newest digital Dj softwares, which has received numerous praise, has announced an update which promises innovative new creative tools and workflow enhancements. Torq 1.5 brings even more creative options to the only digital DJ workstation designed to merge live DJ performance and advanced music production. New features in Torq 1.5 software include Tempo Anchors, Tempo Master, zplane élastique time stretching, send/receive MIDI Clock, a new toolbar and a variety of workflow enhancements.

The software’s new Tempo Anchors allow users to set the phase grid exactly on the beats of the song, even if the song changes tempo. Tempo Anchors make it possible for Torq to remove tempo variations from songs so you can easily blend old styles and new. For example, if you have an old ‘70s funk song that was recorded without a click, Tempo Anchors enable you to perfectly match that song with the steady beat of today’s computer-driven productions. You can also assign a track you’re spinning to serve as the Tempo Master for everything in Torq, so looped samples and other tempo-based features will automatically match the natural tempo changes in the song.

Torq 1.5 software can also send and receive MIDI Clock for total synchronization with drum machines, effects boxes and other computers. Multiple DJs can connect with each other and share the same tempo across systems, which improves collaboration between artists.

View More of the new features in Torq 1.5.

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