Sandwell District Compilation LP ‘Feed Forward’ Delayed Release

The highly anticipated full length compilation album, Feed Forward, from the Sandwell District record label collective has been delayed. I first began to wonder when online record stores had the album cataloged with a set release date of 10/25. The date had come and gone and so had the listing of the record. With earlier rumors that the Sandwell District collective, comprised of Regis, Funtion and Silent Servent, was not going to set an official release date and Feed Forwardwould just appear for release, I belived the disappearing listing played into the mystery of the the ominous techno label. Which it still may, but Sandwell District has officially announced “The Sandwell District compilation LP Feed Forward has been delayed due to issues with our processing plant. It has been scheduled for release in late November of 2010,” as noted below.

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