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Tracklisting | Dj Frequencies Podcast 026 | BlakeAndrew

Num. Title Artist Release Label
1 Elsewhere Giorgio Gigli Skulking in the Shadows
2 Insides (Perc Remix) Xhin Cutlass
3 Penetration (Fuck The Floor) Haujobb Vertical Theory Metropolis
4 Bolzen Bei Ilse Architect The Analysis Of Noise Trading
5 Start Up – Original Mix Norman Nodge Funf Ostgut Ton
6 Lonely – Original Mix Kid A Balance Unreleased – Selected by Agoria InFine Music
7 Republic – Original Mix Peter Van Hoesen Entropic City Time To Express
8 Leavaila Scheme (Original Mix) Kangding Ray OR* Raster-Noton
9 If Jim Would Jam With Richie Architect The Analysis Of Noise Trading
10 Dial – Original Mix Iori Unknown Places EP Prologue
11 Keep Time – Original Mix Shed The Traveller (CD) Ostgut Ton

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