Stillwell | Dj Frequencies Podcast 020

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TF: Give us a summation on the mix.

Stillwell: This mix consists mostly of a slightly darker side of Progressive House.

TF: Where do you reside?

Stillwell: San Diego, CA

TF: How long have you been Djing/producing?

Stillwell: Dj’ing 12 years in January and Producing 4 years.

TF: What styles are most predominant for you?

Stillwell: Progressive House – Tech-House – Techno

TF: Give us your interpretation of the mix.

Stillwell: During this time I played a bunch of after hours sets across CA.  The track-list is a collection of all of my favorite tracks from that time.

TF: How was the mix created, what equipment/software was used?

Stillwell: Pioneer CDJ-2000’s and the Pioneer DJM-2000 Mixer.

TF: Any projects or events you’re currently working on you’d like to share?

Stillwell: Currently I have a remix called Ritmosura (Stillwell Remix) coming out Nov. 8th on 9G Records based out of San Francisco, CA. And you can expect an Original Collaboration E.P. of Revolvr and Myself coming out this winter.

Stillwell | Twilight Frequencies Podcast 020 Tracklisting

1 Cirez D: Full Stop
2 Umek, Christian Cambas: On The Edge
3 Sam Paganini: Pleasure
4 Gabriel Rocha: Ride On Time
5 Alex Kenji: My Oscar
6 Sheff, Da Fresh: Fresheff
7 The Beta Set: Funkagenda
8 Gtx DriftBuy: Christian Fischer
9 Blade Scanner: Phunk Investigation
10 Budgie: Funkagenda

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