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Matura Free Techno Mix for Twilight Frequencies Podcast

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Twilight Frequencies Podcast 018 | Matura Interview:

Twilight_Frequencies: Where do you reside?

Matura: Born, raised and living in Berlin.

TF: How long have you been Djing?

Matura: Listening to electronic music for approx. 20 yrs, Djing since 1995.

TF: What styles are most predominant for you?

Matura: Techno, ambient, experimental, idm.

TF: What kind of events have you played?

Matura: I used to play mainly on underground clubs and private parties.

TF: How was this mix created for us?

Matura: This is a vinyl only mix on 2 Technics 1200 MK2’s.

Visit Matura Soundcloud and Matura Website.

Track List: Matura | Twilight_Frequencies Podcast 018

01 “best night in detroit”, reference – aeonian ep, planet e

02 “dead eye”, baby ford + eon, plus 8 records

03 “intruder”, delta funktionen – electromagnetic radiation part II, ann aimee

04 “inner city dust pt. 4”, samuel l session, len series figure

05 “preach on – raw groove mix’, samuel l session feat. elbee bad – preach on ep, flying donkey music

06 “satellite (mix two), mark broom, beard man

07 “souldancer – b1, heiko laux – souldancer, kurbel

08 “remember”, lab insect – rumour ep, electrofon

09 “this city”, photek, photek productions

10 “hunter/grazer – sinecure remix”, jeroen liebgrets, audio assault

11 “hybrid – ad in mix”, the advent & industrialyzer, kombination research

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