Part Six: Expectations

Photo by Michael Peters

Twilight Frequencies: How did your expectations line up with the realities of the work being done by Non Profit organizations? What surprised you?

Michael Peters: We did countless hours of research prior to scheduling the inaugural trip.  So we were pretty familiar with the work being done.  There was a lot of communication being facilitated between us at Backpod and Global Brigades.

Personal Note: I did not anticipate the fact of how LITTLE Spanish I actually knew.   My knowledge of the language was an absolute monstrosity, but I managed thanks in large part to the organization and my Backpod Team members.

Twilight Frequencies: Was there anything you found not in line with an organizations goal? For instance did you ever feel there was corruption involved?

Michael Peters: Not at all.

Twilight Frequencies: How were you treated by the natives?

Michael Peters: Everyone was absolutely amazing!  You couldn’t ask for more hospitality.  Sometimes having a camera in your face can be a little intimidating or unnerving; but I seemed to be the only one who had any apprehension about that.  The Honduran people were just so thrilled to receive assistance in this fashion.

To be Continued…

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