Next LCD Soundsystem May Be The Last

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records) has hinted in a recent article with NME that the next LCD Soundsystem album, tentatively due out April 2010, may be the last. He has remains rather coy regarding the issue, but it seems he’s in need of a change. Murphy will no doubt continue music under a new moniker or possible with a new band. Murphy has been quoted saying the follow up to the 2007 album Sound Of Silver, is “definitely better than the other two.”

Has Murphy decided to make a career move similar to other music heavy weights such as Eminem, Garth Brooks, Jay Z, Ja Rule? Claiming a resignation from music only to return, after phenomenal ‘last’ album sales and maybe a “best of” series. Or is he headed down the path of Trent Reznor, vowing to stop touring and more than likely continue music but under a new name with no preconceptions? My best guess leans toward the latter. Either way, the yet to be titled new release from LCD Soundsystem is already making it’s way to the lists of ‘Albums to be Heard in 2010’ and if his claims are correct, it should be a great way to say farewell.

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