DEMF2011: Movement Artists Spotlight – Little Dragon

Little Dragon is an electronic music group formed in 2006 an based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The band is made up of Yukimi Nagano (vocals), Fredrick Kallgren (bass), Hakan Wirenstrand (keyboards), and Erik Bodin (drums). To date, they released two studio albums: Little Dragon (2007) and Machine Dreams (2009).

Nagano was born and raised in Gothenburg to a Japanese father and American mother. She grew up listening to American folk, but she always had an affinity for R&B. Keyboardist Wirenstrand spent his childhood in Smaland before moving to Gothenburg where hearing a lot of Swedish folk music. Later he got into electronic music. Bodin grew up hearing early hip-hop and jazz. Fredrik was influenced by experimental, noise and electro house

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