LCD Soundsystem, 45:33 Remixes

New from LCD Soundsystem is the 45:33 Remixes. Originally 45:33 was a commissioned piece for Nike. One continuous track to inspire a workout session. The demand for the music grew until the track was release on a Proper CD with extra content. On 45:33 Remixes, segments of the record are reinterpreted by acts including: Brookyn’s Runaway, Norway’s Prins Thomas to Berlin’s Riley Reinhold and Paris’ Pilooski. The remixes where then placed on the CD in subsequent order, giving it the same seamless feel. There’s also been much buzz about one remix in particular. Theo Parrish’s Space Cadet remix showed up in DFA Records snail mail box of all places, straight from Detroit, and should prove to be in heavy rotation. Keep an eye out for an early 2010 release from James Murphy, the voice and driving force behind LCD Soundsystem and DFA Records founder, as he’s currently in the studio.

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