“Its Working” The New Music Video From MGMT!

2 thoughts on ““Its Working” The New Music Video From MGMT!”

  1. Nice up, fellas. Awesome vidjiah. Does anyone else get that this concept might be about computer technology and the internet? If not watch it again with that in mind and see if you don’t see it that way.

  2. I see that for sure, the first scene with the girl when they are first connected clicks with that idea really well. They seem to portray it as this massive machine that you get sucked into, which is fairly on point I think (the beep goes off in his IM message, he looks down). I like the video, and the more I hear off this record the more I am starting to like this band. Their previous effort, Oracle Spectacular, although fun and boyishly adventurous, was missing something, or it might have been it had to much of what it was trying to be. I also think that I didn’t jump on that band wagon, because so many others were, that it felt almost like a waist of time. Another stupid reason to not purchase a record, but then again, I might have missed something else.

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