How To Destroy Angels, Trent Reznor’s New Project, Download Free EP

how-to-destroy-angels-ep-coverTrent Reznor has stayed true to his retirement of Nine Inch Nails and began working on a new project with his wife Mariqueen Maandig, from West Indian Girl. In brilliant Reznor fashion, he’s developed a catchy name which is easily formed into an acronym and correlating iconic logo (sound familiar?). It’s called How to Destroy Angels and just like all recent Reznor works, you can download their 6-track debut EP for free. For $2, you can upgrade to the HD package, which adds options for lossless audio (24-bit 44.1kHz WAV and 16-bit FLAC and Apple Lossless) and the music video for “The Space in Between” in 1080p and 480p. You can also get an immediate download after purchasing any merchandise from the band’s website, official T-shirts, posters and stickers. Listen up kids – that’s how you do it without a record label.

The music’s production is reminiscent of the Nine Inch Nails album With Teeth (with a touch of Year Zero beats). Which was Reznor’s return to the music industry and touring as well as a ‘back to basics’ recording style not seen on his previous two records. Mariqueen’s on main vocals with Trent backing and a mirage of synths, guitar effects, dirty beats and what sounds like mostly Trent’s words: upon first listen it reminded me of the short lived 12 Rounds, which released an album in ’98 on Reznor’s now defunct Nothing label. It’s great to see such a talent as Reznor back in the studio giving his grotesquely loyal and obsessive fans something to chat about online.

How To Destroy Angels full length CD will be in stores July 6th and a vinyl edition will follow.

Download How to Destroy Angels debut EP

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