Hear the New Beatport 4.0

This coming January Beatport, a leader in electronic dance music downloads, will be unavailing a new and improved 4.o version. The update claims the improvements will engage all five of your senses. Most of it sounds like a gimmick, but the vision they have presented is intriguing…and the flashy promotional movie definitely gets my circuitry sparking and leaves a slight tingle in my bionic pinky-toe. The first sense unvailed revolves around an enhanced music player boasting new features that give you the ability to hear more music. The new player vows to play your tracks faster, but most importantly it keeps track of the music you’ve previewed in a playlist. You can also add a ton (up to 200) of tracks to the player for future listening (while in the same player session). A much, much needed improvement. There’s nothing worse than having to navigate back to that track you’re on the sidelines about for a second or third listening before a final decision. And don’t forget the dreaded accidental hit-the-browser-back-button-instead-of-the-internal-beatport-back-button; leaving you with nothing more than a landing page. Hopefully the new player will keep those mishaps to a minimum. There’s also a great  function to add an entire album to your playlist so you can quickly continue scouring other titles without missing a beat. You can also easily add and delete single or multiple tracks from the player and add them directly to your crate from the player with a few simple clicks. Gimmicks aside, the new player is a nice upgrade and it shows beatport has taken the time to listen to their users and put that research to good use. Check out the promo video and new player tutorial at thenewbeatport.com.

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