Where I’ve Been and Where I’ll Be.

I’ve recently taken a temporary hiatus from scoring the Internet for new music, upcoming bands, free downloads, etc. to concentrate on getting my upcoming music projects off the ground. Not to say I won’t be posting. I will. The posts will more than likely gravitate more towards technology and software and progress in the studio. And, of coarse, you know I can’t help but post relevant info on the bands and music that influence me the most, I just may not have the opportunity to share all the newest music out there… cuase I might not find it if I’m not looking. I believe it’s a necessary step towards future progress and believe up coming posts will reflect quality content that I will be exposed to.

On another, somewhat related note… I’ll be updating from Lollapalooza 2009 this weekend. Mostly from twitter, but may reflect deeper in posts. I’m excited.

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