twilight_frequencies Podcast

twilight_frequencies has expanded our content and reach moving into 2010; offering a variety of music news, music reviews, music releases and keeping you up to date on  film and technology. We are expanding our media once more and will be offering a free bi-weekly podcast in the coming weeks.

The twilight_frequencies Podcast will feature an hour long mix of music arranged and mixed by a different independent artist and/or dj. The range of music to be featured will be as wide as our daily music content here on the blog: anything from techno and house, to indie and folk, to ambient and dubstep… (you get the idea,).

The music chosen will be from the inspiration of the artist. The twilight_frequencies Podcast will be available here on the blog, on itunes and on

We are currently in the selection and scheduling stages and if you’re interested in submitting a mix contact us.

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