Trent Reznor Leaves Online Social Networking

Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails, has decided to stop communicating on social networking sites, twitter mainly, that have fueled his marketing efforts the past few years. Trent admits these platforms have been a way to immerse himself into the community and get a feel for what the fans really want; something traditional record companies don’t have a clue about. Being such a popular, and extemporaneous, individual exposed to the simple-minded, egotistic and noxious desires of socially inapt, yet computer-screen-empowered, 2.0 creatures can really bring a person down. All the extended-addition-digitally-enhanced-content hungry fans have done just as expected. They’ve been given inch-by-inch and taken foot-by-foot, in turn driving their star from a super nova into a secluded black dwarf. Give the guy some space and if you love him and/or his music so intently, give him the respect he has always shown you and his environment. Let him move on to the next chapter in his life. We will all miss his blatant and deceptive humor… but for the fans that really care, we will miss being able to connect with an icon and communicate with a generous human being.

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