Trent Reznor on: the Last Tour and More.

This is a video interview, by a fan, with Trent Reznor to appease his salivating, info hungry fans (as if we don’t get enough). The video is in response to some questions that were left unanswered, in fans minds, after a recent interview Digg’s Kevin Rose. Trent gives some incites into the new tour set list such as not playing “Closer” and working “Lights in the Sky” into a set or two. He also mentions being a lot more structure-free on the upcoming NINJA tour. Allowing the band the freedom to play what they like on a nightly basis, which will make the set lists change dramatically. He also hints on where NIN will be, after recently staking this tour as the last Nine Inch Nails tour. For Good! He’s standing firm on that but also confesses Nails will probably always be making music in some form or another. Trent also touches on what types of projects he’ll be working on after this tour is up; things he’s been wanting to do but has been preoccupied with Nine Inch Nails. Take a look.

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