The Tourist Trap, Sandwell Disctrict and Co. Night in Berlin

Sandwell Disctict Live in Berlin, Tourist Trap

The only thing the Movement 2011 schedule or afterparty lineup is missing is a few appearances from the Sandwell District crew. If only this was an event happening in Detroit instead of Berlin I would have my wish (I would actually wish it to be on Sunday the 29th instead of Saturday the 28th as to not disrupt my already secured Saturday Movement afterparty plans.

For this intimate clubnight in Berlin Scorn will play a live set, Function will DJ a solo set and also join Regis for a Sandwell District set. Sandra Electronics will also be making an appearance which may or may not be a solo set from Regis (as it was originally a solo project for he) or he could be paired with a recent Sandra Electronics collaborator, Silent Servent (It Slipped Her Mind’ 10).

Possibly to give you an idea of what you may hear Sandwell District/Downwards have been kind enough to offer a Sandra Electronics, Live in Santa Barbara 2009 free download. A 3:37 sample where the artist(s) for the track are aptly named KARL AND THE CURBCRAWLERS.

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