Touch. The New Beatport

The last sense to be featured before the launch of the new beatport is touch. I have to say, they’ve saved some of the best additions for last (as they should). What’s the real focus? Functionality. A very inventive piece, for any website, is the new docking feature. Both the playlist and MyBeatport can be docked into the side of the site. You can dock one on either side of the site, or both on one for space conservation. They’ve also added a few new, cool track features. One is adding track art to each song; sounds minuscule, but who wants to scroll though all those default “music note icons” in iTunes Cover Flow view? Two is increasing the preview quality of tracks, definitely a plus in the decision making process; I’ve squashed a few tracks because of shitty sounding previews and later heard them rocked at a party…ouch. They’ve also added a link and rss button to every page on the site. RSS is very nice if you want quick updates on your favorite artists, genres or labels and the link button is great for artists who want to conveniently help promote their own music on Beatport. Another nicely added feature is keyboard commands for for lightning fast browsing (check the tutorial vid for all commands). Hands down, the best feature in this sense…the site now better communicates with your browser. Whats that mean for you? The browser back button acts as it would on any other website. Much, much needed.

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