Top Ten Techno Tracks April 2014


Top Ten Techno Tracks April 2014 – Two amazing albums were released in April which greatly influenced the Top Ten Techno Tracks. The first is Decay from Efdemin.  This is his third album, all being released on Dial Records. Decay is Efdemin’s most solid Techno effort to date, shying away from Deep House tracks, such as “Shoestring,” found on his previous album, Chicago, and even moving into the Detroit sound of the track “Solaris.” The second album is Phlox from Edit Select, coming out on one of my favorite Deep Techno labels Prologue. We see another release from Edit Select joined with Prologue veteran Giorgio Gigli labeled “Substance,” a well crafted, deep and ghostly 12 minute 14 second track. “To Alter a Vector,” a Peter Van Hoesen track, makes its way onto the top ten by way of a Ø [Phase] remix from the 2/3 set of remixes from Van Hosen’s Receiver album. “Petrichor” is a thought provocative piece from the Inigo Kennedy Leullaby/Petrichor EP and I end the top ten with a Mike Parker remix of the Yan Cook track “Forest.”

Top Ten Techno available to listen below and on iTunes at the Dj Frequencies Podcast.

Top Ten Techno Tracks April 2014 Track List

# Title Artist Release
1 The Meadow Efdemin Decay
2 To Alter a Vector (Ø [Phase] Remix) Peter Van Hoesen Receiver 2/3
3 Subatomic Efdemin Decay
4 Asperity Reprise Edit Select Phlox
5 Receptor Edit Select Phlox
6 Petrichor Inigo Kennedy Lullaby / Petrichor
7 Substance Edit Select & Giorgio Gigli Substance
8 Solaris Efdemin Decay
9 Downside Edit Select Phlox
10 Forest (Mike Parker Remix) Yan Cook Essential Wave EP

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