Top Techno Tracks June 2016

Top Techno

Top Techno Tracks June 2016

Top Techno Tracks June 2016 available to listen and download above, on iTunes at the Dj Frequencies Podcast, Mixcloudand Soundcloud.

Top Techno Tracks June 2016 Tracklist

# Title Artist Release Label
1 Sorrow Architectural PoleGroup 5YRS PoleGroup
2 Lookitthat Rødhåd Söhne der Erde EP Dystopian
3 A Selfless Act Lucy Self Mythology Stroboscopic Artefacts
4 Genetix Oscar Mulero PoleGroup 5YRS PoleGroup
5 Junt Skee Mask Junt
6 Freak Show Yan Cook XX LP Planet Rhythm
7 Form 2 Antonio Ruscito Uncertain Future Forms Edit Select
8 Dire Need (Tale of Us Instrumental Remix) Alex Smoke Dire Need R&S Records
9 Vivarium Rødhåd Söhne der Erde EP Dystopian
10 M31 (Reeko remix) Jonas Kopp,Reeko PoleGroup 5YRS PoleGroup
11 Inertia 2 Tensal Opposite Inertia EP Kynant Records
12 PGB5A Tensal PoleGroup 5YRS PoleGroup
13 Overpass Inland Wayfinder
14 Counter (Kangding Ray Remix) Donor Against All Remixed EP
15 Centaurus A Lewis Fautzi PoleGroup 5YRS PoleGroup
16 Darai Marco Zenker 2626
17 Serum (Session 1) Skee Mask Serum
18 Gianluca Cazzeti Dario Zenker Dedication
19 No Introduction Developer PoleGroup 5YRS PoleGroup

Each episode contains the top techno songs I am playing and listening to for the month. The tracks are not ordered according to favorites. Rather than just listing songs for the month, I enjoy putting them together as a mix so the tracks are arranged to allow cohesion. This also means some of my favorite songs may be excluded because they just didn’t fit into the mix. The majority of the music is straight techno but songs may sway into other electronic music genres. Most songs will be new releases though some ol’ school tracks or releases I may have slept on may pop up here and there–whatever is relevant to me at the moment. Share, enjoy and support the artists.

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