Top Techno Songs September 2015

Top Techno TracksSeptember 2015

Top Techno Songs September 2015 available to listen and download above, on iTunes at the Dj Frequencies Podcast and on Mixcloud.

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Top Techno Tracks September 2015 Tracklist

# Title Artist Release
1 Error Monolake D E C
2 Saharan Night (Trinity (AU) Remix) Nadja Lind & Brendon Moeller Nadja Lind & Friends Part 2
3 Synthetic (Tony Dee Remix) Rhythm StairCase Synthetic & Complete Remixes EP
4 The Bronx Tale (Sibaritas Remix) RockStar  The Bronx Tale
5 Even The Nearest Post Scriptum Post Scriptum 01
6 09 Spin (feat. Qik) Seph Cinetica
7 Alchemy Synthek Verse I
8 Chain Reaction Synthek Verse I
9 Found Myself Synthek Verse I
10 Hi Line Extraction Edit Select Hi Line Extraction
11 Contrane Emmanuel Man Worships Power
12 Dishonest Thoughts Reeko Bad Mood EP
13 Constant Acceleration Drive Post Scriptum Post Scriptum 01
14 Active Step Rasmus Hedlund Intiation EP
15 Cock Blocking Beats Rasmus Hedlund Intiation EP
16 Bark Like a Dog For Me (Deep Mix) Dustin Zahn Man Worships Power
17 Proton To Proton Fusion Post Scriptum Post Scriptum 01
18 Empty Streets Reeko Bad Mood EP
19 Shake Well Echologist Inside Dimensions EP
20 Decelerate At The Destination Post Scriptum Post Scriptum 01
21 Bad Mood Reeko Bad Mood EP
22 In The Back Room Mark Verbos Walk The Distance EP
23 Start Up Drive Mark Verbos Walk The Distance EP
24 Hi Line Extraction (Claudio PRC Version) Edit Select Hi Line Extraction
25 A1 – T#16 Laiva T#16
26 05 Kids In Seoul Unjin Kids In Seoul

Each episode contains the top techno songs I am playing and listening to for the month. The tracks are not ordered according to favorites. Rather than just listing songs for the month, I enjoy putting them together as a mix so the tracks are arranged to allow cohesion. This also means some of my favorite songs may be excluded because they just didn’t fit into the mix. The majority of the music is straight techno but songs may sway into other electronic music genres. Most songs will be new releases though some ol’ school tracks or releases I may have slept on may pop up here and there–whatever is relevant to me at the moment. Share, enjoy and support the artists.

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