Top 10 Techno Songs September 2014

Top Techno Songs 2014 September

Top Techno Songs September 2014 – This months top techno begins with two tracks off the sophomore album Linear S Decoded from SHXCXCHCXSH (yeah don’t worry, no one else can pronounce it either). The first is the dark, industrial, filtered sounds of “Rudimental Retreat” which flows into the lighter, melodic and sometimes circus-y march of “Monolithic Conclusion.”

Next up is the Sleeparchive remix “Black March” from Piotr Klejment‘s 1984 EP. Sleeparchive takes a much more literal, utilitarian interpretation of “Black March” while the Original, found later in this top techno, an amazing track with a classic, spaced-out acid line.

Two tracks from Sawlin‘s Verrat am selbst (German for “betrayal of the self”) release find their way onto this top techno. The first is the James Ruskin remix of “Spectrafuck” where the UK techno veteran puts on his distinct, punchy sound. The original track also comes in later in the mix with a much more dreary, rolling line behind another punchy kick.

Surprisingly a track from Recondite found its way onto September’s top techno. I’ve not been impressed with his productions up to this point despite the hype. I guess once he came to Rødhåd’s Dystopian label he came a bit more correct. “Cleric” has an absolute pounding kick and can bring some energy to a mix.

The long-awaited return of another UK techno vet, Surgeon, with the Fixed Action Pattern release on the consistent Token label rounds out the tail-end of this mix. First is the deep and haunting grooves of the Dub version. A perfect, bass-heavy, slow rolling track that stops everyone dead in their tracks — leading to deep contemplation and fears of solitude from an archaic future. The original version, though a few bpm slower, is a highly energetic — almost progressive sounding — track with wonderful edits and a pounding low-end. A very impressive return to hard techno for Surgeon. Can’t wait for more.

The release of SHXCXCHCXSH’s new album brought up a track from their Vvvllllvvv release a few months back. “Mrrrwrrrds” ends out this mix with completely twisted samples and unconventional broken beats.


Top Techno available to listen and download above, on iTunes at the Dj Frequencies Podcast and on Mixcloud.

Top Techno Songs September 2014 Tracklist

# Title Artist Release
1 Rudimental Retreat SHXCXCHCXSH Linear S Decoded
2 Monolithic Conclusion SHXCXCHCXSH Linear S Decoded
3 Black March (Sleeparchive Remix) Piotr Klejment 1984 EP
4 Spectrafuck (James Ruskin Remix) Sawlin Verrat am selbst
5 Cleric Recondite Ec10
6 Fixed Action Pattern (Dub) Surgeon Fixed Action Pattern
7 Spectrafuck Sawlin Verrat am selbst
8 Fixed Action Pattern Surgeon Fixed Action Pattern
9 Black March Piotr Klejment 1984 EP
10 Mrrrwrrrds SHXCXCHCXSH Vvvllllvvv

Each episode contains the top techno songs I am playing and listening to for the month. The tracks are not ordered according to favorites. Rather than just listing songs for the month, I enjoy putting them together as a mix so the tracks are arranged to allow cohesion. This also means some music may be excluded because it just didn’t fit into the mix. The majority of the music is straight techno but songs may sway into other electronic music genres. Most songs will be new releases though some ol’ school tracks or releases I may have slept on may pop up here and there–whatever is relevant to me at the moment. Share, enjoy and support the artists.

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