Top Techno Songs November 2014

Top Techno Songs 2014 November

Top Techno Songs November 2014 – This month’s top techno starts out with “Image Union” a track from Talker‘s Hari on Downwards. This song is deep, dark, smooth and beautiful. Definitely on the lighter side when compared to the majority of the album which has more moments like “Image Union” but also dives into a sometimes chaotic mixture of techno, industrial, post-punk, and noise.

The second track sees the return of Italian duo Dino Sabatini & Gianluca Meloni as Modern Heads. “Beginning” is another heady, dub-techno track off the Chapter II EP on Outis records.

Next up is “Interchanges” from Adam X‘s new album Irreformable on his own label Sonic Groove. Like much of the album this track is backed with the pounding kick and dark tones Adam’s work is known for. This song reminds me of his older beats with quirkier samples and edits that I enjoy. We see Adam return to some of his hard, more industrial techno with this album.

Next is “SCBA – 07” from the new Spherical Coordinates (Oscar Mulero & Christian Wünsch) release, Direct Isometry, on Pole Group. A strong continuation of their previous releases and a great follow up to Kinematics Equations on Token, featured in the top techno songs August.

Halfway through the mix we pick up the pace a bit a go a little more funky with the tech-housy “A Funky Affair (Bootsy Mix)” from Samuel L. Session on Saunderson’s KMS label.

We don’t spend much time in this area as we move into a somewhat creepy and traveling track from Karenn, the duo comprised of Arthur Cayzer & Jamie Roberts also known by their solo alias’ Pariah & Blawan. “Pace Yourself” appears on the amazing compilation Aphelion from Token which features many more tracks from amazing artists and some of the best releases from Token as of late.

Next we have a classic beater from Mariano DC. “Kaverna” shows up on the Stiletto 12″ from Infrastructure New York which has been putting out some great releases this year.

Next we have a low, deep, somewhat tool edit of “Things,” a track from Monoloc which appears on the “Things” remix ep on Chris Leibing’s CLR. The track first appears on Monoloc’s Drift album from 2012, also on CLR.

We start to round off this month’s top techno songs with a track from Speedy J & Lucy as Zeitgeber. “Totemism” appears on the Five Years Of Artefacts – Chapter Two release celebrating five years of Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts label. Be sure to check out Chapter 1 and the just released Chapter 3.

To end this months top techno we add another track from Adam X‘s Irreformable  album. With “Small Black Object” we see Adam return to the classic techno style of a driving kick with small bleeps and vocal samples complete with an extraterrestrial conspiracy theme.

Top Techno available to listen and download above, on iTunes at the Dj Frequencies Podcast and on Mixcloud.

Top Techno Songs November 2014 Tracklist

# Title Artist Release
1 Image Union Talker Hari
2 Beginning Modern Heads Chapter II
3 Interchanges Adam X Irreformable
4 SCBPA – 07 Spherical Coordinates Direct Isometry
5 A Funky Affair (Bootsy Mix) Samuel L Session A Funky Affair
6 Pace Yourself Karenn Aphelion
7 Kaverna Mariano DC Stiletto
8 Things (Monoloc Edit) Monoloc Things EP
9 Totemism Zeitgeber V – Five Years Of Artefacts – Chapter Two
10 Small Black Object Adam X Irreformable



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