10 Top Techno Songs May 2015

Top Techno Songs MAY 2015

Top Techno Songs May 2015 – This months top techno tracks is dominated by just a few releases. We start things off with three tracks from the new Oscar Mulero album Muscle And Mind on his very own Polegroup label. First off this is an absolute amazing effort put forth by Mulero and will most likely be one of our top techno albums for 2015, which is why I couldn’t resist filling this months top techno half way with songs simply from this album. This is a slightly less hectic and hard set of music, in terms of Mulero’s past productions, even with a touch of groovy-funk and dub based vibrations.

The first track featured this month is from Muscle And Mind is “Mind-Body Interaction.” A delicate and slow rolling track breezed along by airy-pads and ambient field recordings. Next we move into the misty sounds of “Anatomical Variation” which are backed by low-toned kicks and precision highs. “Mindful Body” is the third track introduced with somewhat dubbed-down sounds balanced by dancey snare claps and hats.

Next we move onto a new set of artists, if only for a moment, with the muted techno track “Ash 1” from the Donor / Truss combo released on M_REC LTD.

We transition back to the last two songs featured this month off the Muscle And Mind album. Aptly named “Mechanical Function” chugs along like a well-oiled workhorse building with chatty, clipped highs and gated effects. “Mentally Induced Action” follows as a more spacial techno track with more resemblance to Berlin then Madrid.

Next up Ø [Phase] is back with the solid and functional “Tunnel Vision” off the Tunnel Vision / Internal Conflict on Token. We move into two new tracks from Mike Dehnert on the Check EP featured on the Kompakt sub-label Echocord Colour. Both tracks are in classic Dehnert style with the repetitive vocal sampled “Check” energized by his signature flammed high-hats and the more simplified and techy track “Losange.”

We end out the top techno songs for May 2015 with the second track off the Ø [Phase] Tunnel Vision / Internal Conflict EP “Internal Conflict (Acts 1-3)” A punchy track layered with an acidy line broken up by several transitional “acts.” The last in which ends with an electronia beat and a virtually trancy vibe.

Top Techno available to listen and download above, on iTunes at the Dj Frequencies Podcast and on Mixcloud.

Top Techno Tracks May 2015 Tracklist

# Title Artist Release Label
1 Mind-Body Interaction Oscar Mulero Muscle And Mind Polegroup
2 Anatomical Variation Oscar Mulero Muscle And Mind Polegroup
3 Mindful Body Oscar Mulero Muscle And Mind Polegroup
4 Ash 1 Donor / Truss Ash M_REC LTD
5 Mechanical Function Oscar Mulero Muscle And Mind Polegroup
6 Mentally Induced Action Oscar Mulero Muscle And Mind Polegroup
7 Tunnel Vision Ø [Phase] Tunnel Vision / Internal Conflict Token
8 Check Mike Dehnert Check Echocord Colour
9 Losange Mike Dehnert Check Echocord Colour
10 Internal Conflict (Acts 1-3) Ø [Phase] Tunnel Vision / Internal Conflict Token

Each episode contains the top techno songs I am playing and listening to for the month. The tracks are not ordered according to favorites. Rather than just listing songs for the month, I enjoy putting them together as a mix so the tracks are arranged to allow cohesion. This also means some of my favorite songs may be excluded because they just didn’t fit into the mix. The majority of the music is straight techno but songs may sway into other electronic music genres. Most songs will be new releases though some ol’ school tracks or releases I may have slept on may pop up here and there–whatever is relevant to me at the moment. Share, enjoy and support the artists.

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