Top Techno Songs March 2015

Top techno Tracks March 2015

Top Techno Songs March 2015 – This month’s top techno tracks starts out with “Ebisu”, a nice breakbeat track from Svreca off the Narita release on his own Semantica Records.

Next up we hear “Multiplo“, a brilliant track from the Dino SabatiniEdit Select joint release. This is the Dino Sabatini version highlighting the more tribal sounds he’s known for. Then I add Sleepless, another deep, spacial track off the Svera Narita release.

Next is “Roads” from Raffaele Attanasio which has some great early Detroit-esc sampling with modern, pounding kicks. A versatile track for club and party sets.

Two songs from the new Monoloc Gibson EP are lined up next. This is Monoloc’s first release on Slam’s Soma Records and it is truly one for the books. The title track, “Gibson“, has a dark, film score lead and “Cupel” that follows has another great element reminiscent of the best work seen on labels like Question and Zenit. It’s nice to see Monoloc branch out from the CLR camp into new territory.

Next is a track off Peter Van Hoesen‘s Seventy Secrets release on his own Time To Express label, “Protagonist“, a punchy track with layered toms and kicks. Other songs on this EP are similar to sounds on his 2010 album Entropic City.

Next is a song off the Informa Experiments Vol 2 release. This is the deep Takaaki Itoh version with subtle acid tones. After that we have “Crystal Days“, a colorful track from Echologist, aka Brendon MoellerSubjected is up next with the track”Zopiklona” off his latest release, Dolor, on Electric Deluxe.

Three of the four tracks from Reeko‘s Constellation Andromeda EP, released on Developer’s Modularz label, show up on this month’s top techno. Staying true to the name “To The Sun”,  “Star Phases” and “Saturn Sequences” could pass for harder versions of Jeff Mill’s work. Sandwiched between this stellar  release is “Trucker One,” an ubeat track from Rod.

Next up is “Circle 3 – Recursive” from Detroit producer Mutate‘s latest Blank Code release. This track version caught my attention as it’s probably the most left-field on the EP with it’s highly processed edits. The original from Mutate and other versions from Luis Flores, Mike Parker and Project 313 are not to be missed. Very solid release.

I’ve been waiting to snag the Head Channel release from Ed Davenport on his own Counterchange records for so long I just had to throw all three tracks, “Head Channel,” “More Life!” and “Studies,” in. As Function’s partner with the re-lunch of the Infrastructure New York imprint, as well as his solo efforts, I am enamored with Davenport’s classically simplistic productions that equate to fun and quality techno that blends genre lines into tech house territory.

To balance the inviting sounds from Davenport I introduce a banger from the former half of techno duo Agony Forces, P.E.A.R.L., “IVC II” from the Four Cardinal release, mixed in between the Head Channel tracks. Then finally end this month’s top techno tracks with the super-charged “Signal 4” from Developer on Weekend Circuit.

Top Techno available to listen and download above, on iTunes at the Dj Frequencies Podcast and on Mixcloud.

Top Techno Tracks March 2015 Tracklist

# Title Artist Release Label
1 Ebisu Svreca  Narita Semantica
2 Multiplo (Dino Sabatini Version) Dino Sabatini & Edit Select Multiplo Motoguzzi
3 Sleepless Svreca Narita Semantica
4 Roads Raffaele Attanasio Roads Pt.1 envlp_imprint
5 Gipson Monoloc Gipson EP Soma Records
6 Cupel Monoloc Gipson EP Soma Records
7 Protagonist Peter Van Hoesen Seventy Secrets Time To Express
8 Takaaki Itoh Version Takaaki Itoh Informa Experiments Vol 2 Informa
9 CRYSTAL DAYS Echologist New Strain E.P Planete Rouge
10 Zopiklona Subjected Dolor Electric Deluxe
11 To The Sun Reeko Constellation Andromeda Modularz
12 Trucker One Rod SPC V Figure Spc
13 Star Phases Reeko Constellation Andromeda Modularz
14 Saturn Sequences Reeko Constellation Andromeda Modularz
15 Circle 3 – Recursive Mutate Circle 3 Blank Code
16 Head Channel Ed Davenport Head Channel Counterchange
17 More Life! Ed Davenport Head Channel Counterchange
18 IVC II P.E.A.R.L. Four Cardinal Falling Ethics
19 Studies Ed Davenport Head Channel Counterchange
20 Signal 4 Developer Liberation Signals Weekend Circuit

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