Top Techno Tracks January 2016

Top Techno Songs January 2016

Top Techno Tracks January 2016 available to listen and download above, on iTunes at the Dj Frequencies Podcast, Mixcloud, and Soundcloud.

This month’s top techno was influenced by a few releases with music mainly from the last few months of 2015. First and foremost was Richie Hawtin’s album From My Mind To Yours under his various aliases past and present. I love the classic feel to this album. This album truly feels like an extension of the original three (intended) Plastikman album’s,  while also adding in newer sounds and edits from on EX (Performed live at the Guggenheim NYC).

Another big influence was Etapp Kyle‘s Axiom EP on Klockworks. I’ve really been digging the latest on Klockworks; glad to see more frequent releases and looking forward to more. Speaking of Klockworks, one of Ben Klock’s older tracks somehow made it on this month from his Before One EP on Ostgut Ton.

Even though most of the songs from Kangding Ray‘s latest album are a bit too slow for our typical mixes, it is no less a favorite here on DjFrequencies. We still found an opportunity to fit in two tracks from Cory Arcane.

Truncate had some rockin’ new tracks from his Culture EP that pepped up this month’s mix. As did Slam with the Fractious release on Soma Records.

We sat on a couple amazing tracks from Rødhåd in 2015 and finally got around to featuring “The Wall” from Béton Brut and his remix of “Signs” from the Howling‘s Signs Remixes.

Another notable release featured this month is Johannes Heil‘s The Black Light album. Lots more greats tracks on this album, be sure to pick it up.

This month’s top techno download also included a track from NX1 OE and Rod‘s SPC X.

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Top Techno Tracks January 2016 Tracklist

# Title Artist Release Label
1 When We Were Queens Kangding Ray Cory Arcane Raster-Noton
2 Creepr 80xx From My Mind To Yours Plus 8 Records
3 Luna Etapp Kyle Axiom EP Klockworks
4 Axiom Etapp Kyle Axiom EP Klockworks
5 Sakura Etapp Kyle Axiom EP Klockworks
6 Untitled Truncate Culture
7 The Wall Rødhåd Béton Brut
8 OE02 NX1 OE Odd Even
9 Scene Four Johannes Heil The Black Light EXILE
10 Before One Ben Klock Before One Ostgut Ton
11 Signs (Rødhåd Remix) Howling Signs Remixes
12 Them Fuse From My Mind To Yours Plus 8 Records
13 Gymnastiks Plastikman From My Mind To Yours Plus 8 Records
14 Dimsur Rod SPC X
15 Blue Oscillant Kangding Ray Cory Arcane Raster-Noton
16 Serpent Slam Fractious Soma Records
17 Fractious Slam Fractious Soma Records
18 Culture Truncate Culture
19 Scene Eight Johannes Heil The Black Light EXILE

Each episode contains the top techno songs I am playing and listening to for the month. The tracks are not ordered according to favorites. Rather than just listing songs for the month, I enjoy putting them together as a mix so the tracks are arranged to allow cohesion. This also means some of my favorite songs may be excluded because they just didn’t fit into the mix. The majority of the music is straight techno but songs may sway into other electronic music genres. Most songs will be new releases though some ol’ school tracks or releases I may have slept on may pop up here and there–whatever is relevant to me at the moment. Share, enjoy and support the artists.

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