Taste the New Beatport

The next set of new Beatport features have been presented allowing you to satisfy your thirst for new music. This set of features revolves mostly around greater ability to filter your music searches. Like by adding a new button allowing you to strictly search through “dj mixes.” They’ve also simplified some navigation buttons, so it may take a few spins to get used to.  The best personal new addition is the “just added” filter which you will be able to find on the left hand side of the screen at all times, along with the other standard filters (view all, new releases and classics). Why is it nice? “Just added” doesn’t always include “new releases.” Have a fav label and beatport has yet to add that gem you been searchin for for over a decade? If you regularly check the labels listings on beatport, you can now filter your search by “just added” and see what back-catalog releases have been added. You know, instead of just waiting for it to fall in your lap.  You can also use any of the filters to search through whatever landing page you’re on: be it label, artist or genre.

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