Movement Detroit 2015 Recapitulation

A journey into techno, modern art, and technology in the Hart of Detroit. My journey started as a typical one, headed East on I-94 on a sunny Friday afternoon. I kept it rather simple this year. Pack light and leave little room for distractions. I was once again meeting up with my counterparts from several … Continue reading “Movement Detroit 2015 Recapitulation”

Top Techno Songs August 2014

Top Techno Songs August 2014 – This month’s top techno starts off with a track from Yan Cook off the Berg EP, a remix of “Mill” from Jeff Rushin and Nicole Rosie. Next we move into another remix, this one of Tobias‘ “If” by Mathew Jonson and The Mole featured on the remixes ep from Tobias’ … Continue reading “Top Techno Songs August 2014”

Top Ten Techno Tracks March 2012 | Regis

Top Ten Techno tracks from the month of March 2012. This is a special addition of Top Ten Techno and is dedicated to the art of Regis 1994-2001. It only features my top tracks from Regis over the years and was inspired by his recent limited edition, fully remastered 3xcd release The Complete Recordings 1994 – 2001 and the … Continue reading “Top Ten Techno Tracks March 2012 | Regis”

Regis Live – Stream and Download Live Regis Dj Sets – 1998, 2001

I recently ran across two classic Regis live sets from John Peel on the Downwards tumblr available for download. They (along with the recent limited edition, fully remastered 3xcd release The Complete Recordings 1994 – 2001) inspired me to dedicate the March 2012 Top Ten Techno to the art of Regis. A day or so later the download limit had been … Continue reading “Regis Live – Stream and Download Live Regis Dj Sets – 1998, 2001”

The Tourist Trap, Sandwell Disctrict and Co. Night in Berlin

The only thing the Movement 2011 schedule or afterparty lineup is missing is a few appearances from the Sandwell District crew. If only this was an event happening in Detroit instead of Berlin I would have my wish (I would actually wish it to be on Sunday the 29th instead of Saturday the 28th as … Continue reading “The Tourist Trap, Sandwell Disctrict and Co. Night in Berlin”

“Be Brave” – Tropic Of Cancer on Downwards Records

British techno icon Regis continues his journey into experimental indie rock with his Downwards record label. Another Tropic of Cancer release entitled “Be Brave” including a remix by Richard H Kirk. Artist: TROPIC OF CANCER Title: Be Brave Label: Downwards Cat: DO 8 Format: limited clear vinyl 10″ Released: 7 March, 2011 Genre: Rock/Indie


Downwards boss Regis takes the label back to it’s punishing roots with this new release from Ugandan Methods aka Regis and Ancient Methods. “Mat Oput 1/2” is exactly what you would expect from Regis and Ancient Methods… menacing Industrial-Tech; quite a change from the last few releases on Downwards which tested the waters into indie-experimental-punk … Continue reading “UGANDAN METHODS aka REGIS/ANCIENT METHODS – Mat Oput 1/2”

Regis: Free Music Friday

Download these three free tracks (via FACT) from the legendary Karl O’Conner (aka Regis, aka Kalon, aka CUB, among other duo projects including: UST / Ugandan Speed Trials (with Mick Harris), Sandra Electronics (with Juan Mendez) and British Murder Boys with Tony Child (Surgeon)). His more recent works are featured on his Sandwell District label … Continue reading “Regis: Free Music Friday”

Sandwell District, Two New 12″ Releases

Sandwell District records, the anonymous stripped-down techno crew, will release two new 12″s this May. Seven tracks are divided between these two slabs of wax. A precursor to the long awaited Sandwell District album; set for release later this summer when the faceless collective are scheduled headliners for the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. These two … Continue reading “Sandwell District, Two New 12″ Releases”