Best Techno Podcasts 2014

We now introduce our recommendations for the Best Techno Podcasts of 2014. We’ve spent countless hours scouring through the immense multitude of podcasts out there so you don’t have to. As with past years there’s a heavy focus on podcast series though we’ve also added a few promotional mixes that deserve attention. Only mixes that are released in the calendar … Continue reading “Best Techno Podcasts 2014”

Movement 2013 – DEMF Recap

Now that I’ve cleaned up my kicks and the ringing in my ears has subsided its time to reflect in a Movement 2013 Recap. I unfortunately could not make it for Friday openers or even Saturday but I did have some trusted eyes and ears on the Detroit electronic music festival even in my absence. All I knew … Continue reading “Movement 2013 – DEMF Recap”