Stream Pantha du Prince’s New Album

Stream the new Pantha du Prince album Black Noise in its entirety below. Black Noise, set to release 2/9/10 (US) includes collaborations with Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear of Animal Collective and Tyler Pope of !!! and LCD Soundsystem. Pre Order Pantha du Prince, Black Noise MP3 Pre Order Pantha du Prince, Black Noise CD … Continue reading “Stream Pantha du Prince’s New Album”

A Look Inside New LCD Soundsystem Album

Here’s a brief look inside the mansion studio the new LCD Soundsystem album was recorded. Some of James Murphy’s thoughts. Some new album sounds. And is that a Will Ferrell impression at the end? James also announced a tour and made a few promises: “here’s a promise: i’m not going to make many expensive videos. … Continue reading “A Look Inside New LCD Soundsystem Album”

LCD Soundsystem, 45:33 Remixes

New from LCD Soundsystem is the 45:33 Remixes. Originally 45:33 was a commissioned piece for Nike. One continuous track to inspire a workout session. The demand for the music grew until the track was release on a Proper CD with extra content. On 45:33 Remixes, segments of the record are reinterpreted by acts including: Brookyn’s … Continue reading “LCD Soundsystem, 45:33 Remixes”