DEMF 2012: Sunday, Monday – Movement Wrap Up

Sunday at Movement DEMF 2012 was quite stacked with talent so a majority of the day was spent bouncing from stage to stage catching what we could and staying when it seemed right. We made it in to the festival a little late and headed straight for Tiger and Woods at the Red Bull Stage. … Continue reading “DEMF 2012: Sunday, Monday – Movement Wrap Up”

DEMF 2012: Saturday – Movement Day 1 Recap

We made it into Detroit and settled just in time to catch the back end of Actress‘ set. Any sign of rain had subsided and the atmosphere was clear for DEMF day 1. Actress’ set was impressive. I had a chance to sit down and chat with him for a moment later in the afternoon. … Continue reading “DEMF 2012: Saturday – Movement Day 1 Recap”

DEMF 2012: The Movement iPhone App is Here

The Movement 2012 iPhone App is finally here. The application is very close to the 2011 app but it does have some improvements. Just as last year there is a ‘Lineup‘ section where you see all of the 107 acts performing this year at DEMF 2012 with the set times and appropriate stages and days. This … Continue reading “DEMF 2012: The Movement iPhone App is Here”

DEMF 2012: Prelude to a Movement

DEMF – A Brief Personal History Movement: Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival, still affectionately known as DEMF, has become a thing of beauty to me. I have attended all festivals in the 12 years of existence except one (we’ll just call that a low time for the festival). Although DEMF has seen many changes throughout the years, highs and lows, amazing … Continue reading “DEMF 2012: Prelude to a Movement”

DEMF 2012: DEMF Schedule, Movement 2012

DEMF Schedule for Movement 2012 electronic music festival has been announced. First we saw the initial DEMF Lineup 2012 in February along  with additional artists added March. And of course the DEMF 2012 After Parties list continues to grow. Now is the complete day to day DEMF schedule 2012. Movement 2012 is an electronic music festival that will take … Continue reading “DEMF 2012: DEMF Schedule, Movement 2012”

DEMF 2012: DEMF Movement After Parties

For DEMF 2012 we will be compiling a list of all the DEMF 2012 After Parties and updating as news comes in. If you have a party or know of one and it’s not listed please comment and we’ll update. Be sure to check out the DEMF Schedule 2012 for the days and set times for the … Continue reading “DEMF 2012: DEMF Movement After Parties”

DEMF 2012: DEMF Lineup 2012 Movement Announced

Paxahau has announced the initial DEMF lineup 2012 (Movement). Detroit’s electronic music festival will again take place in Hart Plaza, Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-28, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan, the birthplace of techno. This is only the initial DEMF lineup 2012, just as the DEMF 2011 schedule was released. Take a look below for the initial … Continue reading “DEMF 2012: DEMF Lineup 2012 Movement Announced”