Summer Download List

This is part a supplement to my recent music recommendation artillery, part catch up from lack of free track Fridays and part and easy way to post fresh tracks to download for your summer playlists.

Mew, “Reapeaterbeater” from No More Stories… (the full album title is actually an entire poem) – I have yet to get that inta Mew but I really like this track. I’ve heard the album is supposed to agree with their fans, but if the rest of the album is like this, it will agree with me.

VEGA, “No Reasons” – This is just a fun track that makes you wanna hit the dance floor with friends… or maybe thrash the streets with a killer board and kneepads…

Wavves, “Friends Were Gone” – Lo-Fi Surfer Punk Rock, it doesn’t really get better then this in indie rock today. Get the album Wavves.

The Dodos, “Fools”

Cale Parks, “One at a Time” from To Swift Mars

Best Coast, “Sun Was So High (So Was I)” – Washed out vocals and daydreamin lyrics bout girls

Jeremy Enigk, “Mind Idea” – A beautiful track, a tad to “radio-play” for me, but good for a playlist spot on a summer drive.

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