Smell the New Beatport

The next set of updates to 4.0 somehow are associated with your sense of smell. Well, they had to try to get all five in right? They’ve upgraded My Beatport; you know, the small window section in the lower left hand corner where you can save your favorite artists and labels for quick navigation. So what’s new? The new releases from your artists and labels appear at the top of your lists; highlighted in white with a dot next to it. You can also add as many artists and labels as your beating, mixing heart desires and if you haven’t checked back in a few weeks, you can use the new filter for new releases to check back up to 8 weeks. The default is 7 days. They’ve also made it easier to add artists and labels to Your Beatport. Adding two different buttons to quickly add new items. You can also edit your entire list from a separate lager window. So…what are they missing from their update? FAVORITE TRACKS! My biggest peev of Beatport. The best part about purchasing MP3s…you can buy just the one track your looking for, not the entire EP. So why not give us the opp to add favorite tracks for later purchases? Or how ’bout a wish list? I mean, you can add the track to your crate, and it will be there for you…until you want to make a purchase. And what if you still want the track, but a dicier track pushed it’s way ahead of it and you just don’t have all the cash? 5.0 may be too long to wait for that addition. What’s the ulterior motive?

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