Sin Fang Bous’s Clangour, Before Its Time.

Gust of Wind # 3

Sin Fang Bous, Clangour

Morr Music

This gust of wind stays busy establishing a coupled sound of gadgetry, strings, and broken tonality, which moves freely through  familiar instrumentations of pop.

The ability of this album to change with a flick of a switch is apparent with the first listen. It feels like a science fiction movie is playing along side a band, bridging the gap between mediums. The busy feeling of this album works, but can also lose the listener, b/c it’s entirely full of sounds, both quirky, and sublime – you have to catch yourself from drifting off into space.

Sin Fang Bous is not waiting around for trends, or for the rest of us to figure out where the world is heading, it’s waiting for us to catch up, and jump on. The track “Sunken Ship” is a great moment on this beautiful record. It has amazing cadence, vocal depth, and really moves the listener throughout the tune – sounds sort of creep up in places where you might not expect, essentially being consistent throughout this ambitious affair.

Clangour gives an epic story impression, something that trilogies are made of. It’s cohesive and fun, but deeper then just an everyday listen. This record could very easily be considered before its time. I picture new technology, and kids hovering on skateboards, while they remember their parent’s stories about the days when grass was still green, and close enough to touch and feel – a bitter sweet memory, if you will.

This album doesn’t leave traditional music at the door; rather it gives it an upgrade, while maintaining the abilities and talents of great musicianship. It would seem the human has been kidnapped to sing and play, while the robots back him perfectly, waiting to be lost in something organic.

Did I mention its one guy on this record? Sin Fang Bous is Sindrie Mar Sigfusson from the band Seabear, out of Iceland. Get this album soon; it’s an amazing work of art, and a complete package of emotion.

– Ryan Boos, August 21st, 2009

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