See the New Beatport

Ahem. Excuse me, let me remove my foot from my mouth. Last entry I told you the biggest piece the MyBeatport section was missing, the ability to mark individual tracks as favorites. Well, instead of adding it to the MyBeatport section, they’ve decided to add a whole new separate function labeled the Hold Bin (better idea actually). Where you can obviously hold tracks for a later purchase date. Hey, I’m not embarrassed to say I blogged too soon. In fact, I’m glad I did. It shows that they actually did solve my biggest issue with the site; and apparently it was a lot of other users biggest issue as well, ’cause the say it was the most requested feature (probably why they saved it for next to last to announce, you know, anticipation and all). The Hold Bin looks and acts similar to the crate and you can purchase your held tracks right from the bin; which can hold up to 200 tracks. Also in the new “see” announcement is improved functionality of the crate itself, allowing you to see more detailed information on your purchase and more editability before you checkout. 15 more days till 4.0 drops; we’ll see what the last announcement will be.

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