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Sandwell District Is Dead

Sandwell District Is Dead

Sandwell District Is Dead. Officially. Again after calling it quits officially 14 months ago…

Sandwell District is Dead. I knew something was up when the former record label/collective tumblr site started a random string of posts on February 4th, 6th, 9th and the final on the 27th with the above photo. Each post was blank with a reduction in the name of the site name WhereNext? until ending in just ? Each building the anticipation for what was happening next? Maybe the label was being re-instated since Sandwell District called it quits on December 31st, 2011. That was their official ending of regular audio communications from the label. But still promised a few performances from Sandwell District Live (Regis + Function).

Since then there have been a few Sandwell District Live performances and the tumblr site has released semi-regular communications in the form of mix tapes, past interviews and audio clips, releases on Downwards, announcements of live performances and releases from SD members including some from Regis, Silent Servent, Function and the return of British Murder Boys (Regis + Surgeon), and of course the occasional photographic art.

So what does DEAD mean? Sandwell District was once dead before, a long time ago before it involved anyone besides Regis. It was reborn and became a prolific addition to the modern era of techno. Given the way the label has been go genius-ly loosely handled… who the fuck knows… and that’s what makes it great. Till next time Sandwell District.

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