I’m thinking about the complexity of formulating an opinion on any person, subject, or emotion. And I continually wonder if the effort is worth it. Would it be easier just to say something along the lines of “I can’t give an opinion on that without prejudging the conclusion?” This essentially correlates with anything. How can we remove the knowledge that comes before the object we are asked to judge? We all decide or judge almost everything; otherwise we would never make any choices. I think I might try this idea when it comes to people. Maybe rather than allow the former action of others, and my opinions of those actions to take a hold of future judgments, it would be better just to convey this revelation. Example, “What do you think of John Doe?” The person before this revelation would have said, “I think John Doe is an Asshole.”  Now I will refrain from that, and just say. “I better not comment b/c my prejudices will cloud the opinion you’re asking me to convey.” This might work, but then again the former self would still be thinking John Doe is an asshole – Therein lies the rub.

Rumination_Station is a new series of random thoughts typically conjured up by my current reads. I hope you assist me in trying to figure out what the hell is going on “upstairs.”  This is a random series in which I intend to share the most random of revelations, and I hope you “streak to the convo.” WHAT?

2 thoughts on “Rumination_Station.1”

  1. I believe it is better not to verbally be judgmental, because there is much less chance to be misunderstood. Form your own opinions,but keep them private and act accordingly. There is much too much antagonism in this world. Button your lip and march on with a smile!

    1. Me too, although a practice easier said than done. I think many of us, myself included, struggle with this, and more often than not allow verbal sludge to seep from our voices. Its nice to speak out loud about a struggle in order to make the practice relevant. This of course applying to all things i.e. politics, relationships, and anything else we see or hear in life. Human nature has changed with technology, and I think this discussion applies to the one being had in Tucson.

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