Redshape, Red Pack

Redshape, Red Pack
Redshape, Red Pack

Next month Redshape will release a new 2×12″ entitled Red Pack, featuring six new tracks from the techno producer. The first release since his acclaimed 2009 debut album, The Dance Paradox. Red Pack will be available on double-vinyl and digital, via Redshape’s own Present imprint.You can also stream samples of all six tracks indefinitely. This is an extremely solid release from Redshape, a bit more dynamic and less “one tracked” than Dance.

‘Solvent Red’ boast a nice acid bass line with a truly classic feel. ‘Mucky Bones’ teeters on the side of electro-house and mirrors production from the likes of Vitalic’s recent work. ‘Grind’ goes soulful with a sprinkle of tribal; falling straight from the Detroit techno tree of knowledge.  ‘Brick Brack’ is the dancy-est tune while ‘Drama’ streams bare bones minimal.

Red pack Tracklist:
a. Soylent Red
b1. Mucky Bones
b2. Grind
a. The Lesson
b1. Brick Brack
b2. Drama

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