Political Reality! An open letter to Liberals

Food for Thought for my Liberal Brothers and Sisters!

Ronald Reagan’s lowest Approval rating was 35% in 1983.

Food for Thought for my Liberal Brothers and Sisters!

Ronald Reagan’s lowest Approval rating was 35% in 1983. Until recently he presided over the second worst economic climate in our history. Three years later it peaked at it’s highest, which was 68%. This of course occurred when the economy recovered. He is today considered by many (including Obama) one of our finest Presidents.

Roosevelt who lifted us out of the “Great Depression” had his lowest Approval rating at 48% in 1939, this rose to 84% in 1942. We all know how amazing he was.

George W. Bush peaked at a 90% immediately following 9/11; he dipped as low as 25% just before he left office.

Obama’s approval rating today is 50% – he won the election with 52.9 percent of the vote, which is not a large victory in terms of percentage.

Approval numbers can give us the countries temperature of that particular moment, but it changes quickly and sometimes dramatically. Today is not tomorrow, or the next day, or yesterday. There is plenty of things left to do, and plenty of time to get there.

To paraphrase Jon Stewart, even if the Democrats only have 59 seats, and Republicans gain one more at 41, that’s still more than Bush #2 had, and he passed everything he wanted except Social Security reform. It’s going to be fine.

Let Brown win. We still can get things done. If he’s as independent, and for the people as he campaigns, then maybe he will be useful. The media is trying to spin this as a referendum on healthcare.  Really? They have universal healthcare in Massachusetts. It was made law by a Republican Governor (Mitt Romney) working with Democrats. So now the people of Mass. are against the concept? A recent poll says over 80% support Massachusetts’s healthcare.

“The Massachusetts health care reform law was enacted in 2006. It requires nearly every resident of Massachusetts to obtain health insurance coverage. Through the law, Massachusetts provides free health care for residents earning less than 150% of the federal poverty level.”

Calm down, its going to be okay, its still way too close to call the Obama Presidency, and feeling shitty about one Senate seat when the party has 59 is silly. Plus, history shows us that Presidents lose seats, and they lose them early.  Reagan lost seats, and so did Clinton, big time!

Yes We (Still) Can!!!!!

– Ryan Boos

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