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Live Kero Set for twilight frequencies Podcast 007

Dj Frequencies Podcast 007 comes in the form of a live set from Kero ( With over 13 releases on some of electronic music’s most celebrated and innovative labels such as Bpitch, Ghostly International, Shitkatapult, Downwards and his own critically acclaimed Detroit Underground Records, Kero (nee Sohail Azad), has established a reputation for his unrepentantly brash, yet cultivated compositions and unforgettable live performances. Most recently, his live performances have been alongside notables such as Speedy J, Ken Ishii and Funkstorung. Kero has also established himself as a leader within a growing pack of electronic music producers successfully infiltrating contemporary art circles world wide.

His innovative approach to music, graphic design and video production feeds on the detritus of popular electronic culture, creating a montage of fleeting musical and visual experiences that are paradoxically critical and enamored with contemporary culture.

Drawing on his experiences as a dual citizen of both Canada and the United States, Kero conducts visual and aural investigations that are concerned with ideas of the diametric and intermediary. Subsequently, the ephemeral nature of electronic culture, the “rave” experience and aesthetics offers a microcosm to explore similar elements in popular culture. The result is music that blurs genres from hip-hop to the most rarified of techno experiments, video art which stirs faint recollections of print and televised media, and a design language that has ingrained itself upon the most celebrated electro-cultural market in the world.

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Kero’s Recent Discography

Shitkatapult Strike21 CFC Windsor/Detroit
Bpitch Control 052 Busted Berlin EP
LOW RES LowRes 13 Firewire FUNK EP
LiveWire Records 001 EP
Sender Records 008 SL24 (Loop Record)
Sender Records 020 SL24_2 (Loop Record)
Neoouija Records NEO 30 Kerologistics
Static Records 001 Midget Breaks EP
Bpitch Control 055 Gemeinsam 2002
Downwards records Lino33
Hydrogen Dukebox 012 Rewired in My Manor (remix: Metamatics)
Ghostly International 013 Idol Tryouts Vol.1
Rematter 02 Gre3yman remix
R.A.S. 03 EP (remix Dbit)
Detroit Underground 001 Detroit Underground Vol.1
Detroit Underground 002 Detroit Underground Vol.2
Detroit Underground 003 Detroit Underground Vol.3
Detroit Underground 004 Detroit Underground Vol.4
Detroit Underground 005 Detroit Underground Vol.5

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