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This podcast comes from Italian based producer Francesco Belfiore. He recently launched a new record label Truth or Consequences based between London and Rome. We caught up with Francesco for a short interview to accompany his mix.

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Dj Frequencies: What were the reasons or passion behind starting Truth or Consequences?

Francesco Belfiore: I developed Truth or Consequences with Matteo Renzetti, around June 2014. We worked together on label concept till September, when Matteo moved to London and started the job from there. The mission is creating a platform for devoted musicans and exploring deeper sides of electronic: ranging from genres such as ambient and dub to the minimal and techno. Actually management is from me, Matteo and Ferdinando Terranova.

DjF: The first release on the label, L’entraide from Zzzzra, seems to fit nicely within the minimal, dub-techno genre. Who else do you have planned for future releases?

FB: Yes, first release is coming from French producer Zzzzra. Alexandre is a veteran of dub techno, he produces music since 1998. His music is a series of elements in crescendo under a rain stellar. The second one is coming from a cryptic Japanese producer Ishida NaokiGhost EP is turning into an experimental session with minimalistic tones. It is included a remix from Luigi Tozzi: he bringing the brilliant sound of Ishida and including darker rhythms. Voodoo Techno.

DjF: That sounds like an interesting concept for the next release and future releases. So who are some artists that inspire you currently, or inspire the music for Truth or Consequences?

FB: Our roots are very different: I find myself in the dub-reggae and funky-disco cultures, Matteo is a rock and new-wave lover, sharing with me his love for artists like Pink Floyd and John Frusciante; Ferdinando instead is grounded in jazz and soul. The music of Truth or Consequences so does not take the characteristics of a well-defined genre, on the contrary finds its identity in this fusion of different elements together. We are trying to build a unique history, following different paths and sharing our experiences between us.

DjF: Those are interesting musical backgrounds and should prove for a diverse set of music out of the label. You’re starting the label as digital releases and cassettes, then moving to some vinyl releases as well, is that correct? How did you come to the decision to release on cassette, I’ve seen a small resurgence in cassettes over the past few years, mostly with other genres of music, though some techno labels are also catching on — what’s your take on this? Do you see this trend to continue?

FB: Ferdi’s car has stereo cassette player, so if he wants listen to Truth or Consequences stuff while driving must necessarily use tapes! Seriously we love music in every dimensions, and believe it is really important the spread of it in any format. Without any trend.

DjF: (laughs). That’s great. No better reason to release on cassette than that. I still have a cassette player in my vehicle as well. The few cassette releases I’ve picked up recently are solely listen to in my car and it’s great to provide fans with several formats. As far as the mix for this podcast, where was it recorded?

FB: Mix was recorded in my home studio, all tracks are extract from next Truth or Consequences releases. Consider this our first podcast a full view of 2015 artistic program: it is oriented on listening side of the label, with a slight dancefloor hint.

DjF: To close are there any upcoming performances for yourself or anyone else associated with the label?

FB: I played less in past few months for focusing on label: we are working a series of events related to the label here in Rome and in London too, so… Enjoy Truth or Consequences.

DjF: Sounds great. Keep us posted on future Truth or Consequences events and thank you for the mix and your time.

Dj Frequencies Podcast 029 Tracklist | Francesco Belfiore

01. Pneuma – Ishida Naoki (Unreleased)

02. Coppice Halifax – TSM-WMX (Unreleased)

03. F80888 – Ishida Naoki (Unreleased)

04. La Ritournelle Satanique (Francesco Belfiore Remix) – Zzzzra (TOC001 Zzzzra – L’entraide)

05. Pagalve – Black Surface (Unreleased)

06. Francesco Belfiore – Enchanting Minds (Unreleased)

07. Pagalve – Lafa (Unreleased)

08. Zzzzra – L’entraide (Dilemme du Prisonnier) (Unreleased)

09. Questions and Answers – Francesco Belfiore (Unreleased)

10. Whitehope [45 Mix] – Coppice Halifax (Unreleased)

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